The Trouble With Software (and what to do about it)

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I highly recommend The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Grow by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford. This excellent business novel is a great read and realistic portrayal of the trials and tribulations of in-house software development and management in a large corporation. It is also “prescriptive,” suggesting a three-level approach to resolving issues that often cripple the IT process by isolating it from the rest of the business. Also see the related IT Revolution Website.


Amazon’s Kindle glitch and the “always-be-shipping-code” mentality

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Richard Nieva has hit a nerve in PandoDaily on this very important subject. Take a look.

Software Development Failures Plague 36% of N. Amer. Enterprises

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eWeek reports that “despite the availability of a wealth of development tools and agile methodologies, an alarming 36 percent of the 200 North American organizations surveyed in a recent study found defects in new releases that had gone into production, according to CA Technologies.”

To add insult to injury, “only 4 percent of those surveyed claimed that errors are never found in production releases. This means that many organizations are launching buggy applications to market and having to solve for them later with software updates and patches.”  To compound the problem, “applications are often released with reduced functionality, according to 70 percent of those surveyed,” according to the CA Tech study.

“North American businesses are under pressure to deliver increasingly complex applications, and at a much faster rate than ever before to keep pace with customer demands,” said Shridhar Mittal, general manager of service virtualization at CA. “Unfortunately, IT budgets are not increasing at the rate of change inherent in today’s highly distributed composite applications. This causes serious constraints to software development, resulting in delays and failures in delivering new software features to market.” Not surprisingly, Mittal suggests that service virtualization is an excellent “virtual environment for software application testing that cuts out constraints or barriers to delivery.”

Create, Assemble and Deploy – The Future of Application Development

Prashant Pawar, Delivery Manager, CORPADM, has a very interesting take on systems development (on the Infosys Website) as the “smart assembly” of industry standard components. Of course, the real challenges are (a) to be “smart” about it, and (b) to get any industry to agree on what its standards should be. Anyway, it’s a worthy goal.

Building QuickBooks: How Intuit Manages 10 Million Lines of Code

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Dr. Dobb’s Journal has an excellent summary of how Intuit leverages a single code base of 10+ million lines of code to maintain compatibility among multiple versions of the product.

The Truth About IT Projects

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For over twenty-five years, Allan Kelly has held just about every job in the software world, including: system admin, tester, developer, architect, product manager, and development manager. Today, he is based in London and works for Software Strategy Ltd. helping companies adopt and deepen agile and lean practices through training, consulting, and coaching. He specializes in working with software product companies, aligning company strategy with products and processes. His article, “The Truth About IT Projects,”  tells it like it is!

Top 25 Security Flaws

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Study: 68 percent of IT projects fail

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