The Trouble With Software (and what to do about it)

The Elusive Goal of Code Correctness

Posted in Programming by Ernie Schell on August 30, 2012

Andrew Binstock, Editor in Chief of Dr. Dobb’s Journal, writes in the Aug. 26, 2012 issue: “The longer I write code, the more I yearn for code correctness. Despite the work this extra step presents, commercial ventures. . . would do well to embrace it.” He concludes that “in the U.S., only a few industries (mostly embedded, automotive, and avionics) are interested in high levels of code correctness. It’s a topic that is dismissed as a luxury by mainstream programmers because it appears to interfere with the ability to deliver software quickly.”

Binstock’s brief article not only discusses specific coding languages and their ability to support “correctness,” but gets to the very heart of the topic of this entire Blogsite: The Trouble With Software. It is well worth a read.