The Trouble With Software (and what to do about it)

The Truth About IT Projects

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For over twenty-five years, Allan Kelly has held just about every job in the software world, including: system admin, tester, developer, architect, product manager, and development manager. Today, he is based in London and works for Software Strategy Ltd. helping companies adopt and deepen agile and lean practices through training, consulting, and coaching. He specializes in working with software product companies, aligning company strategy with products and processes. His article, “The Truth About IT Projects,”  tells it like it is!


Agile graphic

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Twitter post from Dan Tousignant
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A lot of people keep asking about a visual to compare Agile and traditional project management. Here is what I use.

No Tool or Combination of Tools Can Assure Fail-Safe Code

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Agile Success Factors

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Scott W. Ambler writes in Dr. Dobb’s Journal that “at many sites, Agile approaches work at scale, although it’s harder for them to succeed at scale. Agile is no longer the province of small teams. Geographical distribution, however, correlates negatively with good results.”

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