The Trouble With Software (and what to do about it)

Java/JVM vs .NET

Posted in Programming by Ernie Schell on February 14, 2012

Andrew Binstock writes in Dr. Dobb’s Journal: “What is curious about the fecundity of the JVM as a language platform is that in the original positioning of .NET vs. Java, .NET, not Java, was the multi-language platform. To put it into the exact terms, .NET renounced multi-OS support (it ran only on Windows) but countered with excellent language interoperability, making it trivially easy for components written in different language to work together. To this end, Microsoft supported JScript, J#, Visual Basic, and C#. These four languages plus those of other vendors dragged into porting to .NET (such as Eiffel and others) were the proof of concept. Microsoft later dropped support for J#, minimized its attention on JScript, and watched most of the VB folks migrate to C#. And so, rather than the expected language explosion on .NET, a language consolidation was going on.” [read on]


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