The Trouble With Software (and what to do about it)


Posted in Integration by Ernie Schell on September 17, 2011

Please add your comments, insights, issues, and gripes about Integration below.


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  1. Ernie Schell said,

    This article from eCommerce Times really gets to the heart of the matter: Why Businesses Need to Rethink Computing

  2. Ernie Schell said,

    Michael Dell is quoted in the current eWeek saying “The computer industry started out as a hardware business, but customers now are showing more interest in solutions [preconfigured combinations of hardware, software, and services]….Look at the example of a large hospital. What they really don’t need is IT. What they want are better outcomes for their patients. That means they need … tools like evidence-based medicine, health information systems, better accuracy of prescriptions, claims adjudication systems and affiliated physician systems.” All this is true — but why do I suspect that the “solutions” that Dell refers to are more likely to turn into black boxes with clumsy functionality? What do you think?

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